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Although bees are crucial to an enduring and balanced ecosystem, they can be a significant danger when they set up hives close to your home or business in Brooklyn. If you regularly see or hear bees at your location, chances are they are too close for comfort. A pest control inspection from NYC Animal Control LLC professionals is the first step to safeguarding your Brooklyn property and the people on it from a potentially harmful bee infestation.

Bees On Your Property?

The distinctive hum of bees that are busy at work and the presence of hives or nests are obvious signs that bees have set up a colony on your property. Look for ground nesting colonies that have excavated small areas of dirt or soil near to the nest entrance. Tiny holes approximately 12mm in diameter or larger on a standing structure are the indications of the presence of carpenter bees. Bees that have taken up permanent residence within the walls of your home or business in Brooklyn require immediate attention.

Professional Bee Removal

NYC Animal Control LLC is experienced with controlling and removing handling several species of bees including:

  • Carpenter Bees
  • Bumble Bees
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Cicada Killers

Bee Control is a Job for Professionals

In addition to potentially fatal bee stings, bees often nest in inconvenient locations and can cause significant property damage. An entire hive is predisposed to fiercely attack when the nest is threatened. Do not attempt to manage or remove a bee or hornet’s nest on your own.

Our licensed and trained pest management experts know exactly where to look to identify a bee colony that has invaded your Brooklyn home or commercial location and provide you with several customized methods for their eco-friendly removal.

Types of Bees We Remove

Bumble Bees

These innocent looking pests usually nest on the ground but can be found near patios, decks, attics or beneath roof beams. They are capable of pursuing a perceived hive invader for long distances. Of all bee types, Bumblebee stings are the most painful and cause extensive swelling.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are solitary and build nests for themselves and their offspring only. They are attracted to wood and will damage and chew into structures several inches deep to hold their eggs and food. Carpenter bees are capable of stinging repeatedly since their stingers are not barbed.

Killer Bees

These dangerous bees are known to attack in large numbers and pose a significant threat to those suffering with allergies. Although their venom is not considered more dangerous than other bees, the sheer volume of stings from a large colony can cause serious injury.


These honey manufactures live in large colonies that can survive for many years. They typically build their nests in tree crevices and occasionally in attics or chimneys. Their barbed stingers are immediately torn away after a single sting.

What to Do if You Have a Swarm of Bees?

If you've recently noticed more and more bees populating on your property, it could be time to connect with a professional before you're dealing with a swarm of bees. As a species, these insects are very loyal to their queen and their colony, making them a fierce adversary, especially to those who are allergic to their stings.

When you see multiple bees in one area of your property, our experts recommend steering clear of that space and getting in contact with a licensed professional. This way, you'll avoid getting the brunt of bites and stings, and the nest can remain intact for safe removal. The last thing you want to do is displace an angry group of stinging insects from their home without the proper gear and safety training.

Get in touch with our professionals for a risk-free estimate.

Queen Bee Rescue and Removal

As the only female in the entire hive that can reproduce, the queen plays an important role in the health and survival of any colony. Finding the queen allows you to relocate the hive, but it is not as simple as it sounds. While the queen is slightly larger than the rest of her subjects, it isn't easy to spot her or to be 100% sure it's the queen that you've captured.

Our seasoned experts have the training and safety equipment to locate the queen fast. This means we'll be able to move the colony safely, and you'll be able to enjoy your property again—without any unwelcome guests.

Our affordable services are second to none. Phone our team for a quote at no obligation on your behalf.

Get Rid of a Bee Colony

We understand how uncomfortable it can be to cohabitate with a hive of insects. No matter which part of your home or business they are affecting, we have the tools and training to completely get rid of a bee colony in record time.

When you start to see groups of bees flocking around certain regions of your home, you can be sure there are more to follow. Call our team to discuss affordable removal solutions.

Expedited Bee Removal Service

Don't let insects make the place you call home uncomfortable. Allow our speedy bee removal service to come in and do what we do best. Depending on the colony's size, we can remove bees for relocation in as little as half an hour. Don't be liable for one of your friends, family members, or guests getting stung. Reach out today for lighting quick solutions that align with your budget.

Relocating Pollinators

Our goal is to relocate pollinators so they will no longer have access to your home. To do this, we identify and take the queen. This way, the rest of the colony has no choice but to follow. The queen releases powerful pheromones to which her subjects are attracted, so they will track her and follow through with scent wherever she goes. This is how we capture entire colonies.

Once the queen and the rest of her minions arrive at their new home in the wild, they get to work settling in. They orient themselves to their new address during this process and completely forget about going back to your residence.

This is a win on all sides, as bees are the power pollinators we depend on for growing most food crops.

Call the Best-Rated Bee Removal Company

Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Brooklyn for assistance.

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