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Wildlife Removal Services in New York City

NYC Animal Control LLC is a family-owned and operated business that provides humane animal removal services to the residents of New York City. We’re experts in wildlife removal, and our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible.

If you have an animal problem, call us at (347) 270-5555, and we’ll quickly provide a safe and effective solution.

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Safe and Reliable Wildlife Removal

Our team is experienced in removing all kinds of creatures, from raccoons and skunks to squirrels and snakes. We use humane trapping methods to ensure that no animal is harmed in the process. We also use humane relocation techniques to release the animals safely far away from your property.

Once the animals are removed, we can provide you with repair and exclusion services to help secure your property from future pests. We use only the highest quality materials and methods to ensure that the job is done right.

Comprehensive Wildlife Removal Services

If you’re dealing with unwanted critters or animal visitors, the wildlife removal experts at NYC Animal Control LLC are here to help. Our experienced team specializes in humane animal capture, removal, and release, ensuring that your property and the animals are treated with care and respect.

Unwanted wildlife can be a significant nuisance and cause expensive damage to your property, so we provide comprehensive solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our technicians undergo extensive training and use state-of-the-art equipment to remove existing animals and safeguard your home from future intrusions.

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or want preventative service, our team can help. Our comprehensive removal services include the following:

  • Animal capture and removal
  • Exclusion services
  • Preventative solutions
  • Property inspections
  • Cleanup and restoration services
  • Communicative customer service
  • …and more!

24-Hour Wildlife Removal

At NYC Animal Control LLC, we understand that wild animals can cause disturbances and issues at all hours of the day and night. From nocturnal creatures to scared critters, wildlife doesn’t operate on our schedules and can interrupt your sleep, workday, and leisure time. That’s why we offer 24-hour removal services for clients in New York City.

Our team provides round-the-clock services and goes above and beyond to keep you and your property safe and free from unwanted wildlife. We pride ourselves on the responsiveness and efficiency of our service and work tirelessly to respond to service calls. We’re confident that our team is the right choice for your wildlife removal needs, and we’ll happily take your call at any time of the day or night.

Experienced Wildlife Removal Specialists

When it comes to wildlife removal specialists in New York City, no service has the same experience or expertise as NYC Animal Control LLC. Our seasoned professionals have honed their skills through years of hands-on removals and have an extensive record of safe, successful service. From raccoons to squirrels to reptiles, our specialists are trained to handle any critter and work meticulously to ensure your property is free from unwanted wildlife now and in the future.

We understand the importance of maintaining an animal-free environment in your home and place of business, so we’re dedicated to providing practical solutions. When you work with us, you choose the area’s most experienced, trusted wildlife removal service.

Compassionate Service and Animal Removals

If you’ve ever dealt with unwanted wildlife or pests on your property, you understand how stressful it can be. That’s why our team is committed to providing compassionate service and doing everything possible to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients and the animals we’re removing.

Humane and careful service is the foundation of our business, and we’ve earned our reputation for excellence through hard work and dedication to these principles. Regardless of the species or number of animals invading your property, our team brings the same work ethic and compassionate service to every call.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques based on experience and training, we safely capture and remove animals from your property without harming them or your possessions.

Our Wildlife Removal Services

We understand that every wildlife removal situation is different, and we’re prepared to provide a customized solution. We offer the following services:

  • Animal removal and relocation
  • Wildlife exclusion services
  • Animal waste removal and cleanup
  • Dead animal removal
  • Attic and crawl space air purification
  • Repair of damage caused by animals

If you don't see the service you need on this list, please call us at (347) 270-5555, and we’ll be happy to meet your needs.

Humane Solution to Removing Wildlife

We’re dedicated to providing humane wildlife removal services. We take the time to remove animals safely and effectively from your property and take great care to ensure that no animal gets hurt.

Additionally, we can provide tips and advice on keeping your property safe from wild animal intruders in the future.

Licensed and Insured Wildlife Removal Technicians

We’re licensed and insured and have years of experience removing all types of wild animals from homes and businesses. We understand the importance of keeping your property safe from pests and will work quickly and efficiently to remove the problem.

We also offer warranties and affordable maintenance programs for residential and commercial clients. So, if you're in need of wildlife removal services, don't hesitate to give us a call. We're here to help!

Free Estimates on Wildlife Removal Services

We understand that dealing with unwanted wildlife can be stressful and costly, so we want to help make the process as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we provide free cost estimates, so you can decide how to best handle your animal problem.

We’re always transparent about our pricing and services, and we’ll never try to persuade you to pay for any service that isn't necessary.

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Don't let unwanted wild animals take over your property. Get in touch with NYC Animal Control LLC today, and we'll provide you with a humane solution for removing any wild animal. Our team is experienced, licensed, and insured, so you can rest assured that your animal problem will be solved safely and effectively.

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