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Animal Removal

NYC Animal Control LLC’s complete range of pest control services includes humane wildlife removal and dead animal removal in Brooklyn and surrounding regions. Our trained and experienced technicians eliminate any unwanted animal from your residential or commercial location and provide clean-up, decontamination, repair and wildlife relocation services.


Emergency Wildlife Removal Services

Have you spotted a family of raccoons on your property in Brooklyn?

Has a skunk made its way into your home or business location?

Do you require professional dead animal removal services?

Call us for safe and humane emergency wildlife control in Brooklyn if you encounter a possum, bat, squirrel or any other type of animal that you need to get rid of fast.

Signs That You Need Animal Removal Services

Recognizing the need for professional animal control services can be crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of your property. Here are several signs that suggest the presence of unwelcome wildlife:

  1. Noises and sounds: Unusual noises such as scratching, squeaking, or rustling within walls, attics, or crawl spaces often indicate that wildlife has taken residence in your home.
  2. Foul odors: Persistent, unexplained odors may be a sign of animals, such as rodents or raccoons, which may die in hard-to-reach areas, leaving a decaying scent.
  3. Visible damage: Gnaw marks on furniture, wiring, or building structures are clear indicators. Animals can cause significant damage as they chew through materials to access food or create nesting sites.
  4. Droppings and tracks: Finding feces or footprints around your home, especially near food sources or in secluded areas, suggests an infestation.
  5. Pet distress: If pets become unusually anxious or bark at what appears to be nothing, they may be reacting to the scent or sound of hidden animals.

If you notice any of these signs, it is advisable to consult with a professional animal control service to assess the situation accurately and provide a safe, effective solution.

Qualified Services for the Natural Relocation of Unwanted Animals

The NYC Animal Control LLC approach to wildlife pest control gets rid of unwanted animals safely and allows for natural relocation and transfer of a den or nest far away from your commercial or residential property in Brooklyn. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable in the life cycles and nesting habits of local wildlife in the region and are trained to identify the habitat patterns of nuisance animals and provide commercial or residential clients you with the necessary recommendations to avoid a recurring problem.

Look to NYC Animal Control LLC to provide the following services:

  • Unwanted animal den and nest removal and relocation
  • Humane wildlife extermination services
  • Experienced bird and wildlife control
  • Safe wildlife eviction and exclusion
  • Dead animal removal

Humane Animal Removal in Brooklyn

Wildlife displacement can lead animals to look for warmth and shelter within the attics, garages and under decks of the homes and businesses in Brooklyn.

NYC Animal Control LLC wildlife-proofing and relocation services for unwanted animals in the region follows a specific step – by step process that includes:

  • Strategically planned and humane relocation by experienced professionals in wildlife removal
  • Qualified repairs to all animal entry and access areas
  • Clean up, sanitation and deodorization of your property as a preventative measure
  • Written guarantees and follow up

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Animals?

The duration required to remove animals from a property can vary significantly depending on several factors, which means the removal process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

The type of animal involved plays a crucial role in the time required—for instance, removing a colony of bats may take longer than evicting a single raccoon due to legal protections and the complexity of the exclusion process. The extent of the infestation also impacts the timeframe. A large infestation will naturally require more comprehensive measures and more time to resolve completely.

The specific methods used for removal and control also affect the timeline. While some techniques, like trapping, are quicker, others, such as exclusion, which involves sealing entry points and allowing animals to leave without re-entry, may take several days to weeks.

Lastly, the season can influence the removal process. For example, most professionals try to avoid disturbing nesting animals during breeding seasons, which can delay the process.

For accurate estimation, a professional assessment of the situation is essential. If you’re dealing with unwanted wildlife on your property, we recommend getting in touch with our animal control service.

Does Wildlife Animal Removal Prevent Pests From Returning?

Wildlife animal removal, when executed correctly, can significantly reduce the chances of animals returning to a property. However, removal alone is not always enough to guarantee that animals won't come back. Integrated approaches are typically required to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Habitat modification plays a vital role in prevention. This method includes removing food sources and nesting materials, as well as managing the surrounding landscape to make the area less attractive to wildlife. The infested area should also be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized to remove any scents the animals left behind.

Regular monitoring and maintenance are also essential to prevent future infestations. Property owners should conduct ongoing inspections to check for signs of wildlife activity and ensure that exclusion measures remain intact.

Inspections Repairs and Preventative Measures

Our wildlife removal technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your property and also provide a free detailed estimate of your customized pest control plan. Knowledgeable staff arrive at your property equipped to perform repairs over entry holes and to animal proof all vents, plumbing, pipes and chimneys. NYC Animal Control LLC wildlife technicians are well trained and extensively experienced in the safe practice of wildlife control and removal that may also include reuniting certain species with their young.

Free Animal Removal Consultation

We offer a full range of services for any wildlife problem including the safe removal of bats, skunks, squirrels, possums, mice, hedgehogs, birds, rodents and any other pests. Ask about a free inspection for your urban or rural Brooklyn location.

For the safety and wellbeing of your family and all occupants of any type of commercial location, call us for a free assessment and important safety information about wildlife control in Brooklyn.

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